Lush times at Pub In The Park

I didn’t know where to start: should it be The Dog’s Pollock, the Deep Fried North Sea Tattie dab or the Rabbit Wellington with piccalilli? As far as festival food was concerned this was on another level. That said this was no ordinary festival; this was Pub in the Park, a three-day festival of shopping,... Continue Reading →

Feasts from the Fire

Food plays a very important part in my life, not to put too finer point on it I love it I plan holidays around which countries serve up delicious food; and once I have chosen where I'm going I can spend hours looking at restaurants and their menus to decide where to eat once there.... Continue Reading →

Make room for Frome

So it's May Day already, where on earth has the year gone? It only seems like yesterday that I was clinking a glass of fizz to mark the start of 2018 and now we're almost half way through the year. Anyway the beginning of a new month means just one thing to me these days... Continue Reading →

Meet Mildred

Meet Mildred... She's not that pretty to look at but she's a real goer and grower. Mildred is my sourdough starter and although she's only a youngster - less than six weeks old - so far she's proving a real star. I've had a go at making sourdough bread before but my past attempts have... Continue Reading →

Coming home again

From Yorkshire to Dorset, then Hampshire via Norfolk and Germany after almost 20 years of travelling the "world" I'm back in Dorset the county I can once again call home. It's a place that always makes my heart sing especially when I see the familiar green sign as I cross the county border. Now, after... Continue Reading →

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